PI and VI classification schedules are online


The classification schedules are online. Please check them here.


Please find here the classification schedules for PI and VI classification.


We kindly advise to read the instruction of preparation to classification indicated at the beginning of each schedule. letter-spacing: 0.012em;Please note, it is the responsibility of each NPC, through the Team Leader, to ensure that athletes listed on the Classification Schedule are available and present for their Evaluation Session at the designated time, date and location.


Kindly note that due to having only one VI panel available at this event any potential protests (if accepted) will have to be resolved at the next classification opportunity. Athletes entered to the second panel will be seen by by our one-person Classification Panel. Please note a Classification Panel that consists of only one Classifier may not designate an Athlete with Sport Class Status Confirmed (C) or Fixed Review Date (FRD) but must designate the Athlete with Sport Class Status Review (R).


letter-spacing: 0.012em;All questions regarding classification and the classification schedule please refer to Natasja ter Veer – WPA Classification Co-ordinator (Natasja.terveer(a)paralympic.org)

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